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Skiing, Snowboard, Fishing: Join the Nature with Karma

Skiing, Snowboard, Fishing: Join the Nature with Karma

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Porta Sci | Porta Tavola | Porta Canne da pesca (Size)
Il Karma 2 (Color)

Are you passionate about skiing, snowboarding or fishing?

We have the perfect package for you:

CAMPUP Karma + Shanti bars + Ski rack Summit

With our bundle, you’ll have all the necessary to carry your winter sports or fishing equipment, enjoy activities in remote places and sleep safely in the wild.

What the bundle includes:

  • n. 1 Karma: A versatile rack that turns into a solid base for your tent. 
  • n.1 Pairs of Shanti Bars: Fixed above the CAMPUS Karma, they are perfect to load bike rack, kayak rack, ski rack and board rack. 
  • n. 1 Ski Rack: It is fixed above the Shanti bars, projected by the reliable Italian company G3 spa, ideal for loading skis, snowboards and/or fishing poles.

size L:Up to 4 ski pairs / 2 snowboards.

size XL: Up to 6 ski pairs / 2 snowboards

Save time and fully enjoy your winter and fishing passions with our complete and reliable bundle.

Do you have questions or do you need more information? Contact us at - we are here to help you planning your next adventures!
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