Imagine a world where you can turn your car into a cozy retreat in a few simple gestures, where weight is not a limit and where adventure is easily accessible.

Incredibly lightweight, surprisingly intuitive, unstoppably adventurous.

The multifunctional support for the roof of your car that in less than 30 seconds fits both as a strong luggage carrier and as a base for any type of tent.

Our first product: Karma

Karma: Your Personal Oasis, Wherever you Go

Forget expectations, tools, and complex instructions. Karma is installed with disarming intuitiveness, turning every space into a relaxing corner. It is the promise of a sunset admired from the comfort of your car, of the freedom to follow the instinct, without restrictions.

CampUp in action

CampUp Story

Innovation and Passion

Born from the meeting of passionate travelers and outdoor experts, with CampUp we offer an unprecedented camping experience. A product born from the love of freedom and environmental respect, CampUp is the result of years of research and passion.

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Our commitment for the environment

Sustainability at the Centre

Our mission is to offer a product that not only enriches your adventures but also protects the planet. By using recycled materials and environmentally compatible production processes, CampUp represents a step towards a more sustainable future.

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Why choose CampUp:
Choose Simplicity, Embrace Adventure

Why Karma? Because it is more than an accessory: it is the symbol of a choice.

Choosing Karma means embracing the lightness not only of the material, but of the spirit. It means being able to say “yes” to that distant mountain, to that horizon that calls, with a solid base under the feet and the sky as the only limit.

  • Tent and Roof Rack

    CampUp transforms your vehicle in no time: from a strong roof rack to a solid base for your tent. Versatile and practical, it maximizes the use of the space for every adventure.

  • Always ready and light

    The light design of CampUp makes  the installation easy and quick, with intuitive mechanics for a fast transformation without effort.

  • Suitable for Every Type of Tent and of vehicle

    CampUp is compatible with a wide range of tents, from lightweight ones for summer to more resistant ones for cold weather, and it fits any vehicle, making it perfect for both city cars and robust 4x4s.

Extremely versatile: terrace, tent and parcel rack

CampUp Karma or Roof Tent? The main differences

CampUp Karma VS
  • Alessandro

    Very satisfied with CampUp, we had some great holidays, really stray ones. Very refined and resistant materials, low weight and, combined with a 2sec, ...10min and you're ready. Compared to a standard roof tent you save: money ...

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  • Elisa

    Excellent Product

    Excellent product, versatile, usable both free and in equipped areas... much better to sleep on top of the car than on the ground!

  • Cristiano

    Great Experiences Thanks To CampUp

    We bought CamUp a year ago now. What to say? We are very satisfied because it allows us to experience our outings in a unique way. It gives us the opportunity to experience that type of holiday that ...

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