Our commitment for the environment: sustainability at the heart

CampUp is a company that focuses with passion on sustainability and respect for the environment. Our aim is to promote a lifestyle which revitalizes nature and encourages a conscious approach and is eco-friendly to the exploration of the world. We strongly believe that, by spending time immersing ourselves in nature, we learn to appreciate and to protect it, a value that is reflected in every aspect of our product. 

Our sustainable policies and practices include:

  • Ecodesign: We are committed to realize products that respect the environment right from the design phase. We use recycled materials and are easily recyclable to reduce our ecological impact, by following a circular sustainability approach.
  • Creative upcycling: We collaborate with sports stores to recover used bicycle tyres, turning them into useful components, reducing waste and promoting the culture of upcycling.
  • Aerodynamic efficiency: Our product is projected to be aerodynamic, reducing fuel consumption and carbon footprint during travels.
  • Zero waste: We promote the use of existing equipment, avoiding unnecessary waste and encouraging a mindset of responsible consumption.
  • Local production: We rely on Italian suppliers to ensure high standards of quality and sustainability.
  • Passion and commitment: Each CampUp product is the result of the work of people who strongly believe in a more sustainable future and are committed to reaching it.