Our story

The story of CampUp is the story of a dream that becomes reality. It all started with the idea of two passionate travelers, united by the desire to explore the world in an authentic and environmentally friendly way. This vision has met the experience and innovation of the company G3 spa, leader in the sector of car accessories, leading to the creation of CampUp srl and the birth of a unique product.

Our journey started with an intense testing phase, during wiìhich we used CampUp in over 300 nights of travel exploring 5 different nations and facing all kinds of weather conditions. This direct experience allowed us to deeply understand the needs of the travelers and to refine our product to best satisfy them.

Our mission has always been clear: create a product that combines comfort and practicality without sacrificing respect for nature. CampUp represents this balance, by offering a travel experience that allows us to connect with the environment in a significant way, by respecting our planet. 

Every step of our journey reflected our commitment for a sustainable lifestyle. We are proud to have created a product that not only improves the travel experience of our customers, but also contributes to a more sustainable and respectful future for the environment.